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2015 Gift Guides: Last Minute Gifts

Whether you are just getting started or topping off those stocking stuffers, don’t miss out on these last-minute winning gifts! Read more.

2015 Gift Guide: Gifts for Him

Ah yes, the holidays! A time to enjoy a rich glass of eggnog by the fire, spread good cheer with family and friends, and maneuver through the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. Luckily, the QG is here to be...

2015 Gift Guides: Gifts For Her

We’ve all been there… It’s a week before the big day and you are just getting around to asking her, “What do you want for the holidays?” To which, she responds, “I don’t know” or the dreaded “Whatever you like.” If only...

2015 Gift Guides: Gifts For You

We've all had that deer-in-headlights feeling when someone asks... "What do you want for the holidays?" Your mind is blank. It's been a long week, a long month, heck, a long year! When was the last time I thought about a little something for...