Purifying Charcoal Soap Bar for Men

Purifying Charcoal Soap Bar for Men

If used daily, this bar will last approximately two weeks.

Soak up impurities and purify your skin using our charcoal based men's soap bar. This natural soap bar for men provides a frothy lather that deeply cleanses without drying out the skin, while mint and tea tree oils create a refreshing scent. A perfect daily soap bar for men.

4 oz bar


What It Does:

This natural, organic soap for men uses activated charcoal to deeply cleanse and purify your skin, while organic coconut and olive oil hydrate. Peppermint and tea tree oil create a stimulating scent that leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed. This men's soap bar has a smooth texture thanks to the activated charcoal, while a rich lather helps you thoroughly wash your body.

How It Works:

  • Activated Charcoal deeply cleanses the skin without over drying
  • Coconut & Palm Oil nourish and hydrate the body with essential vitamins
  • Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil create a robust, energizing scent

These ingredients, along with other powerful, natural ingredients have been scientifically formulated together to create the best soap bar for men.


  • Thoroughly cleanses the skin without drying it out
  • Powerful natural ingredients hydrate and nourish your skin
  • Zero irritating chemicals
  • 100% natural, 85% organic
  • Energizing mint and tea tree scent