Glycerin Cleansing Bar-Citrus Blend

by Anthony
Price: $8.50


Live clean, mostly. Shave clean, always.


A great cleansing bar filled with good stuff that will prepare your skin for shaving and keep your body clean: botanical extracts to sooth and heal, aloe vera and glycerin to moisturize, orange extract, a natural alpha-hydroxy, to exfoliate. Vitamin E nourishes and conditions the skin. 100% vegetable-based.

Method of Use:

Create a foaming lather by wetting and rubbing cleansing bar in the hands. Apply this lather to face and all over the body. Rinse thoroughly.

Why it Works:

Cleansing bar thoroughly cleanses, prepares skin for shaving, softens the beard for a close and comfortable shave. Leaves skin smooth and moisturized . Skin feels fresh, not tight or dry.

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